Developing innovative ideas and products for 35 years 


Product Design Conceptual Ideas

Generation and Filing of Patents

Electronics Design

Design, Prototype and Manufacture

Complete Turnkey Product Design and Prototype Build Projects.

Consultancy on Specific Design Problems

Assistance with Design Projects in a range of areas 



  • First car ignition system with HT modules on every spark plug.

  • First hard drive for the Apple MAC. 

  • First 200C memory production logging tool.

  • First dual redundant, all metal sealed permanent downhole gauge. 

  • First fully computer controlled workshop torque machine.

  • PCP monitoring sensors

  • First partially ground fault tolerant 175C ESP sensor. 

  • World record 137 sensor fluid level sensor.

  • 2 of the first fully ground fault tolerant ESP sensors


Having worked in industry for 35 years, I have worked with and for many companies including


GE Oil and Gas 

Lufkin Industries


Shell UK

Saudi Aramco

PDO Oman

Saga Petroleum

Alkhorayef Petroleum


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